28 murders reported since Tuesday in Juarez as wave of violence continues

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JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — The wave of violence, including murder and bus burnings continue in Juarez for the fourth day in a row.

Since Tuesday, 28 people have been reported murdered, more than 26 vehicles, buses, and semi-trucks have been set on fire and 14 maquiladora workers have been seriously injured in those bus fires.

The violent crime wave began when more than 800 soldiers, state and city police officers raided the Cereso 3 state prison in South Juarez.

The raid set off a string of violent attacks throughout the city intended to mimic the chaos and violence unleashed in mid-October by members of the Sinaloa cartel in Culiacán, Chihuahua officials said.

Juarez officials feel confident that the violent attacks are being ordered by members of drug gangs who are carrying out activities from behind bars in the Cereso prison. They are working feverishly to control the criminal element inside the prison in order to curtail the violence being unleashed on the city.


Two men were violently attacked in South Juarez in Colonia Revolucion Mexicana. According to Juarez Municipal Police, the two men were fired upon by several suspects. One of the victims died at the scene and a second died at the hospital.

A tattoo artist in his late 50s was shot inside his tattoo shop in Colonia Partido Romero in North Juarez. According to witnesses, they heard several gunshots before discovering the artist’s body.


Juarez Police were called to Colonia Galeana in South Juarez when several residents reported trash bags that were dumped in an area specifically designated as a no garbage zone. Upon arrival, police discovered human body parts that had been dismembered and placed into separate bags. Police have yet to identify the victim in this case.

Later, a man sitting on a bench in front of the Women’s Hospital on Paseo Triunfo in North Juarez was shot in the head. Witnesses in the area say one suspect walked up to the victim and shot him, shocking those in the very busy area.

A woman’s body was also found wrapped in a blanket and dumped in the small farming community of San Isidro, east of Juarez. The area where the woman was found is near the location that the San Isidro Police Chief was killed just three days ago.

Later in the evening, cars throughout the city began going up in flames.

First, a transport bus fire was reported in South Juarez on De Las Torres Avenue. Investigators are looking into whether the fire was intentionally set, however, more than half a dozen transport buses have been set on fire since Tuesday evening.

A honda was then set on fire in Colonia Satelite in East Juarez and another vehicle was shot several times.

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