LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) – Bodycam footage shows Las Cruces Police Department (LCPD) officers conducting their investigation following the shooting and killing of a 75-year old woman who was armed.

On Saturday, April 16, 2022, officers were sent to a home along the 800 block of Fir Avenue on a call about a woman, armed with a knife, threatening another occupant in the home.

The bodycam footage of the investigation by officers shows interviews of witnesses. In the bodycam footage you can hear the investigator identify the interviewee as Officer Fierro, who was at the scene.

I walk up to him and as I’m walking up to him I hear the two gunshots and I see a female fall to the floor and a knife in her hand as she hits the floor, the knife falls out of her hand, lands next to her.

Officer Fierro, LCPD

The officer was asked if he saw the elderly woman make advancements toward the officer who shot her. He says no, but descries what he did see.

“I could see her from where I was standing next to where officer **** stood, in that same general area, and I could not see her. So she was closer than she was when I first showed up,” said Officer Fierro.

Also in the new footage, there is an interview with the elderly woman’s granddaughter who was also at the house along with her mother at the time of the shooting.

“He kept on, like, pointing and pointing and pointing and I said ‘please don’t shoot her, she’s mentally ill,’ I don’t know how many times I begged him not to do it,” said Albitar Inoh, the elderly woman’s granddaughter. She added that she didn’t think the officer was holding a gun.

“I said ‘mom calm down they’re not going to kill her, it’s a tazer,” said Inoh in the interview.

The officer conducting the interview asked Inoh if she was able to see when her grandmother was shot, as an officer pushed Inoh and her mother back.

Inoh says she lost visual sight of her grandmother and that when the shots were fired her mother fainted.

“When I heard the gunshots, that’s whenever my mom fainted so I kind of turned around to grab her so she wouldn’t fall or hit her head,” said Albitar.

The shooting happened on April 16 at the 800 block of Fir Ave, and the original call was of a person armed with a knife threatening another occupant of the home.

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