LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KTSM) – KTSM has obtained police body camera footage showing the fight at the Oct. 15 New Mexico-New Mexico State football game that was the alleged precursor to a deadly shooting in Albuquerque on Nov. 19.

According to police interviews with suspects and witnesses, NMSU basketball player Mike Peake and UNM student Brandon Travis were among those involved in the Oct. 15 fight in Las Cruces. A month later, police allege Travis and four others conspired to lure Peake to UNM’s campus on Nov. 19 to get revenge for the fight.

One witness, a 17-year-old girl who is charged with Aggravated Battery and Conspiracy in relation to the shooting, can be heard speaking to police after the deadly shooting at UNM talking about the fight at NMSU.

“B (Brandon Travis) was specifically mad because at the State game. B was the one who got jumped the worst. His face was *****, his face was bleeding, everything, he was literally on the floor curled up into a ball,” said the 17-year-old girl to police.

Another witness who has not been charged told police that he was also injured in the fight at NMSU.

“I was walking around with a big gash on my hand my bone was showing so we were all definitely pretty upset about it,” said the witness.

The revenge plot at UNM resulted in Peake and Travis exchanging gunfire, with Travis dying from his injuries and Peake hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the leg. Two people – the 17-year-old girl and 19-year-old Jonathan Smith – were arrested in connection with the plot and charged with multiple crimes, including Aggravated Battery and Conspiracy.

No one affiliated with New Mexico State University has been charged with a crime in relation to either the fight on Oct. 15, or the shooting on Nov. 19.

In the body camera footage of the fight, Peake can be identified throwing punches, as can multiple other people. Those that KTSM was able to identify in the video include fellow NMSU basketball player Marchelus Avery and UTEP basketball player Mario McKinney, who played with Avery and Peake at NMSU in 2021-22.

New Mexico State officials chose not to comment on the new body camera footage showing the fight when KTSM reached out on Wednesday.

No police report was ever filed regarding the Oct. 15 fight despite the presence of officers. NMSU officials said on Nov. 23 that the original video of the fight did not get brought to their attention until almost a week later. Dean of Students Ann Goodman said the school was unable to identify anyone in the original cell phone footage of the incident.

“Clearly we did not necessarily think that video or the fight was particularly significant; obviously hindsight is 20/20,” said Goodman on Nov. 23.

NMSU Director of Athletics Mario Moccia told the media last month that student-athletes were disciplined for their roles in the Oct. 15 fight, but he did not specify how they were punished, citing federal privacy laws.

“Athletics was aware of an altercation with him and some other individuals at the Oct. 15 football game between New Mexico state and the university of New Mexico and disciplinary measures were taken at that time after the event,” said Moccia on Nov. 23.

As for McKinney, sources told KTSM that UTEP was unaware of his involvement in the Oct. 15 altercation until Nov. 22. McKinney did not play and was not present for the Miners’ game vs. Alcorn State that same night. Sources have since confirmed to KTSM that McKinney was suspended from the Alcorn State game as punishment for his role in the Oct. 15 fight.

KTSM reached out to UTEP for an official comment regarding McKinney but was referred back to the university’s statement it released Nov. 22, when KTSM initially asked the school about McKinney’s potential involvement.

“University officials are currently reviewing the alleged involvement of UTEP students in the Oct. 15 incident at Aggie Memorial Stadium. In accordance with University policy, we are unable to discuss matters concerning specific students,” UTEP wrote.

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