Blake’s Lotaburger rolls out new variety of green chile


If you eat at Blake’s Lotaburger, you may notice a difference in their chile.

For the past eight years, they have been working to grow a chile specifically for their burgers. 

New Mexicans will only be able to find this particular chile at Blake’s restaurants around the state. 

CEO Ronald Rule says this has been his dream since he bought the company back in 2003.

Blake’s Lotaburger is a New Mexican staple. It has been around since the 50’s, even making the National Geographic top ten burgers in the world list back in 2012. 

“At the time, Blake’s had a green chile cheeseburger that was touted as being the best in the world,” said Ronald Rule, the CEO of Blake’s Lotaburger. 

In 2010 the franchise started looking for a way to enhance the flavor of their famous burgers. 

“The thing I wanted most was to have our own chile,” said Rule. 

They teamed up with chile farmers in the Hatch Valley to grow their own pepper for their burgers.

“It was eight years of taking seeds and regrowing and regrowing until we got the variety that we wanted,” said Rule. 

That chile, grown specifically for the popular burger joint, is being rolled out now on their Itsa and Lotta Burgers. 

Their loyal customers are eating it up. 

“I think it’s awesome, it’s got the best flavor and it’s really tasty,” said Leanne Miller, a Blake’s customer. 

Rule tells us it’s great to finally be able to announce the unique chile after years of hard work. 

“I think that New Mexicans, in particular, are going to love it,” said Rule. 

Customers say they have already noticed a difference, often the chile is either too mild or too hot, they say this one is just right. 

They explain it was important for them to get the “Christmas” look in their chile, with strands of red, which often gives it more flavor.

Blake’s says the new chile is also being used as a sauce for their breakfast burritos. 

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