Bizarre Findings at Lower Valley Cemetery


Surveillance video shared by the director of Catholic properties shows the person believed to be dumping bags of headless chickens at the Mt. Carmel Cemetery in the Lower Valley. 

Jorge Vergen, Director of Catholic Properties says somebody has been dumping headless chickens in bags along with blood stained clothing, sanitary napkins and money at the gates of the cemetery. Vergen says the person responsible does it at the same time every time.

Vergen called police hoping they would help but he says all they did was take pictures and a report. Vergen says he was hoping they’d be able to do more especially since they have surveillance video.

“It is real strange, I mean you can tell, only a sick person would do thiss”, says Vergen.

What’s strange for some is a religious ritual for others.

“To a lot of other beliefs, they think that it enhances their prayer, that it’s part of their religion”, says Reverend Henry Flores.

Flores says these sacrifices are not satanic or santeria, he says the remains are left for spiritual activity as a “thank you” or as a “favor”. The favors usually dealing with love, money or luck.

For some these rituals may sound like witchcraft, Flores says it’s more like dark magic that is bad regardless of any belief.According to Flores, this type of activity is also more common around daylight savings during the spring and winter solstice, that’s because the earth and sun’s strength is more powerful.

If anybody does encounter the sacrifices, Flores says to be very careful when getting rid of it. The staff at Mt. Carmel have been raking up the items and burning them.

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