EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)- The Paso del Norte Community Foundation announced the Bill Mattingly Scholarship Fund recipients.

The fund, which was established by Sean and Julie Mattingly, provides scholarships for students of optometry and residents who have committed to practicing low vision.

Bill Mattingly was involved in the field of low vision in various capacities such as a practitioner, teacher, author, and business owner for almost 40 years.

Mattingly’s professional trajectory changed when as a young teacher, he identified a student struggling with math. Mattingly determined it was due to the child’s vision, but instead of providing vision accommodation to the child, the school district decided to move the student to the special education department. This event encouraged Mattingly to start his search to provide quality vision products for people with low vision.

To honor Bill’s memory, Mattingly Low Vision has partnered with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation to provide $2,500 and $1,000 to an optometry or ophthalmology resident and student interested in contributing to the field of Low Vision. 

The recipients include:

  • Curt Fritts-Davis
    -College Information: The Ohio State University College of Optometry.
    -Fritts Davis always had a love for vision and perception. He found his passion in serving individuals with low vision and hopes to help provide services in areas with limited resources and high demand.
  • Dr. Payton Holden
    -College Information: Illinois College of Optometry.
    -Dr. Holden is a resident at the Illinois College of Optometry. As a daughter of a father with low vision, she developed a passion for helping those with low vision. As a low-vision optometrist, it has given her the opportunity to utilize her passion and personal experiences to make an impact in the lives of her patients who need it most. 

To support students in the field of Low Vision, you can make a gift here.