EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Bernard Christmann was sentenced to life in prison with parole, along with a $10,000 fine, in the murder of Juan Anzaldo.

On Friday, the jury deliberated on what sentence Christmann should get. Earlier, Christmann had been convicted of murder in the death of Anzaldo, who had been dating Chrstmann’s estranged wife.

During closing statements, prosecutors pointed out to the jury that Christmann had been stalking Anzaldo.

Prosecutors also said Christmann was dressed in black when he killed Anzaldo.

Christmann had also slashed Anzaldo’s tires, according to prosecutors.

The state reiterated that Christmann deserved life in prision.

“We are here to seek justice, not mercy,” prosecutors said.

The defense asked the jury for mercy for Christmann before deciding on a sentence.

During and after the sentence was read, family and supporters of Anzaldo and Christmann were crying.

After the jury was dismissed from the case, KTSM saw Christmann turn back to his family and mouthed the words “It’s OK” and “I love you.”

It was then time for family members to make a statement.

One of Anzaldo’s son told Christmann that he had no sympathy for him. The son said he feels bad for Christmann’s family but not Christmann himself.

The son added that Christmann’s children will grow up without him.

Anzaldo’s daughter then spoke. She told Christmann he ruined his children’s life, and he won’t get to see his grandchildren grow up.

“You planned my dads death so you had time to sit and think before doing so,” Anzaldo’s daughter said.

Anzaldo’s other son said he didn’t want to waste time on Christmann and wanted to focus on remembering his father.

“Thank you, Dad, for being you and the funny guy in the room.” Anzaldo’s other son said.

Anzaldo’s ex-wife then shared words about Anzaldo.

She said Analzdo was an extraordinary man.