EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Spring is here and bees are already getting busy. Officials with El Paso Bee Removal are letting the Borderland know to keep an eye out for active hives.

Owner Joseph Vasquez specializes in removing honey bees and bumble bees from old tires, water meters and even cable boxes.

“The biggest beehive I have ever removed from a residential property. It was in the garage and it was from floor to ceiling,” Vasquez said. “There was a small little hole and they didn’t access that side of the house, that often, so they didn’t notice the bees going in and out of that little hole.”

While it may not look like much, that “little hole” could be hiding a big problem. That’s where technology comes in.

Vasquez says they use a thermal camera to get a general idea of how big the hive is. Then, workers begin the process by removing the structure completely. He urges calling a bee removal specialist, because leaving honey combs behind can lead to more problems down the road.

“They’re leaving all the honeycomb, all the pheromones of the bees. So what happens is that you’re just putting a Band-Aid over that. If you don’t remove all that stuff, you’re going to create a lot of other problems,” Vasquez said.

After the removal, Vasquez says they take the bees to bee keepers to provide the bees a safe haven, allowing them to keeping working within the ecosystem.

With warmer weather and spring having just sprung, Vasquez says they’ve already seen an increase of bee removal in residential areas. Regardless of the season, he says quick action is key.

“If you see a big ball, like on the side of a building or like on a trash can, anything you can imagine, if you see them, leave them alone. Of course, if there is an allergy issue, call right away,” he said.

For more information or to schedule a visit call El Paso Bee Removal at (915)777-1978. They are located at 11128 Tenaha Avenue.

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