CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (KTSM)- Eight individuals are now being investigated for possible misconduct in the deadly fire inside a Juarez migrant detention center.

Mexican officials appeared to place blame for the 39 deaths in the fire late Monday night, largely on private, subcontracted security guards at the detention center.    

Surveillance video showed guards hurrying away from the smoky fire.        

No charges have been announced, but authorities said they would seek arrest warrants, including one for a migrant who allegedly was involved in starting the fire.

Five of those under investigation for possible misconduct are private security guards, two are federal immigration agents and one is a Chihuahua state officer.

The investigation has centered on the fact that guards reportedly made no effort to release the men before smoke filled the room within a matter of seconds.

As KTSM has reported, almost all of them were from Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela and El Salvador.