EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A New Mexico State University basketball player made serious allegations of hazing against three of his teammates, all of whom have not been named.

A redacted police report from the New Mexico State University Police Department details allegations against the three players of false imprisonment, criminal sexual misconduct, and harassment.

Not long after the police report was released to KTSM it was announced by NMSU Chancellor Dan Arvizu that the NMSU men’s basketball program had been shut down for the remainder of the 2022-23 season.

The redacted report states the players removed another team member’s clothing and engaged in inappropriate physical and sexual touching in the locker room of the Pan American Center as well as at away games.

The victim says this has been an ongoing issue since July 2022 and that it was usually done in front of the whole team. However, the victim is not pressing charges at this time.

A Las Cruces Defense Attorney says charges can still be pursued by the district attorney.

“Technically, it’s not up to the alleged victim on whether or not they want to pursue charges. That’s always up to the district attorney on whether or not they want to pursue charges,” said Ramona Martinez, a Las Cruces Defense attorney and on the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Board of Directors.

Martinez looked over the police report, explaining that it groups all three suspects together for the three allegations.

“Criminal sexual contact, there was touching of a body part that he obviously did not give consent, so it would also depend on who did that, who committed that allegation because not necessarily every person partook in each one of those felonies,” Martinez said.

Additionally, that while the allegations of false imprisonment, criminal sexual misconduct, and harassment are common in New Mexico, it is not common for these allegations to come from an academic setting.

“Those types of charges occur in a domestic violence situation and/or with regard to criminal sexual contact, a lot of time that comes into play with families who are abusing a child. You see that a lot, when it’s again domestic violence situation not necessarily from academics or from the university arenas,” Martinez said.

On the NCAA website, research from the University of Virginia shows that that 74 percent of student-athletes experience at lease one form of hazing while in college with the most reported hazing being drinking games.

KTSM 9 News did reach out to the NCAA but did not receive a response by deadline. However, previously the NCAA has told KTSM it does not comment on ongoing investigations.

NMSU Chancellor Dan Arivzu addressed the allegations of hazing in a statement regarding the NMSU men’s basketball program being shut down.

“This action is clearly needed, especially after receiving additional facts and reviewing investigation reports related to the hazing allegations involving student-athletes on the team,” Arvizu said in a statement. “Hazing has no place on our campus, and those found responsible will be held accountable for their actions. We must uphold the safety of our students and the integrity of our university. It’s time for this program to reset. I have spoken with Western Athletic Conference Commissioner Brian Thornton earlier today and informed him of this decision.”