THISday author, Philip Gabbard is featured on KTSM9 news to talk about his new book and how it is so appropriate right now, as people deal with the pandemic.

Description: THISday is the story of one man’s unintentional path to discovering life’s enlightenment. It is a fast and full-force conversation about conversations. It provides both self-insight and new perspective upon our humanness. THISday is about people and culture, dogs and God, words and songs, and deep understanding of our ego and human conformity traps. It is spiritual and yet… not.

Read THISday to add value to your interpersonal relationships in romance, business, family life, or spiritual community. If ever you’ve felt misunderstood, mistaken, contrite, powerless, or unable to listen fully or express yourself clearly, THISday is for you. If you want to discover your here-on-Earth superpower, THISday is it! THISday is inspiring and accelerates you and your words, your voice, your thoughts, and your feelings to achieve new levels of connectedness, achievement, and enlightenment.

In THISday you will quickly discover what it takes to be an even better friend, parent, or athlete. To be a better son or daughter, a better boss or employee. To be a better human and to be-here-now…if not for you, for those you love.

While THISday is complex and deep, it reads so simply because it is orchestrated so amazingly…and it reads beautifully like a playlist of songs with the lyrics included.

THISday is a collection of lived experiences that can and will change your moments, your days, weeks, months, and years, into a new life that awakens and frees you from the culture of conformity.