EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Some viewers have reached out expressing concern after a man was spotted with a rifle walking in across far East El Paso.

Courtesy: Andrea Huerta

In a photo shared by a KTSM 9 News viewer, shows the man walking down Zaragoza St. and Edgemere.

Courtesy: Sara Montelongo

In a video obtained by KTSM 9 News you can hear the man carrying the rifle say, “I mean I’m just trying to get my exercise is what it is,” said the man as another person offered him a ride.

Many people taking to social media to share their concerns and many others making calls to 911. The El Paso Police Department taking to twitter saying that what the man was doing was not illegal and that they are monitoring the situation.

Tweet from El Paso Police Department

“There is nothing illegal about this. Unless he presents a threat, by his actions beyond that, there is no need to report him,” read a portion of the tweet made by EPPD.

Texas State Representative Joe Moody says he believes EPPD could have done more. Saying that Texas law does allow a person to carry long guns but not in a way that is likely to cause alarm.

“If I were the police department I think they should have confronted this individual based on an investigation of disorderly conduct he was clearly alarming people and they should have investigated this fully,” said Moody.

There are schools nearby where the man was walking. KTSM 9 News spoke with parents while picking up their students on Thursday.

“Me, myself I am pro-gun and I do support our right to bear arms however I just think that some people go about it in the wrong way especially given the situation here in El Paso with the August third shootings,” said Josue Reyna a parent who was picking up his child from school.

Other parents more alarmed by the situation.

“It was pretty nerve racking just the fact that they were so close to my kids school it made me pretty nervous,” said Sammie Flores.

A grandmother picking up her granddaughter also commenting.

 “There’s no reason to have it out in a public street so it makes me very scared and aware that times are changing,” said Lucy Rangel.

The Socorro Independent School District says there were no lockdowns but some schools called secure protocol for part of the day and all of the schools kept students indoors.