ANTHONY, Texas (KTSM)  – Residents in Anthony Texas had discolored water coming out of their faucets from Monday into Tuesday.

“I drink a lot of water, and I turned on the faucet and it was yellowish, and I said well maybe something here in my pipes. But no, after a while I did it again and it was yellowish, and not only me,” said long-time Anthony Texas resident, David Contreras.

According to the Mayor of the Town of Anthony, Benjamin Romero, the discoloration was due to over pumping and the wells being at a low level.

Courtesy Rosy Gomez

In the post, Romero says the water is safe, however one resident, Rosy Gomez isn’t so sure about it.

“We drink it, we use it for cooking I have pets so we use it to give them water, we had to buy a bunch purified water and the gallons here just so we could have drinking water and stuff, and it’s even uncomfortable to shower in even,” said Rosy Gomez.

Gomez saved a jar of the discolored water to prove just how discolored it was. Told KTSM 9 News this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“Notice would be nice, we did receive a paper notice last time but again we had received it after it had taken place. I would just believe that there is probably something else going on and if the issue could be addressed that would be great,” said Gomez.

In the Mayor’s post on facebook he explains what caused the low levels.

“Due to the current drought and other nearby wells and farms utilizing their wells to irrigate the agricultural areas and heavier use by residents and the water park. The levels of the aquifer dropped significantly and our well number three started running dry. It began pumping air and solid sediment into the system and that got into the water lines. Once we saw what was happening we immediately started flushing our hydrants to help clear out the sediment from the lines. And we began running the other wells to help dilute and blend the water.”

Benjamin Romero, Mayor of the Town of Anthony Texas

The mayor later goes on to say that the water is safe but warned residents to be cautious when washing white clothes as they could stain.

Mayor Romero adds that residents will likely continue to see discoloration of water due to road work on FM1905 in Anthony. As he says heavy machinery will be used that will shake up old water lines.

“We know that heavy machinery is going to be shaking up and releasing a lot of that sediment in that old line as well,” said Mayor Romero.

Saying residents will have to continue to flush lines and the Town of Anthony will look into waiving some partial bills due to residents having to flush lines.

“Realistically speaking we don’t have the funding or finances available to replace that whole line so some of the issues and headaches that we deal with as a small town,” said Romero.

Rosy Gomez says she thinks there is a bigger issue as different reasons keep being given every time the water is decolored.

“I don’t think it’s the different reasons that they keep telling us about Wet and Wild use, resident use, farmers use and the construction I think it’s leaving us residents in the dark of what’s really going on,” said Gomez.

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