Animal Services in need of kitten fosters


It is “kitten season” in the Borderland and the City of El Paso’s Animal Services is looking for animal fosters. 

According to Animal Services, “kitten season” lasts until to November, so the next couple of six months will be a busy one for all shelters. 

A spokesperson for Animal Services told KTSM the shelter is getting about 35-kittens a day. Last week, 135 kittens were placed into a foster home. Since these kittens are too young to be put up for adoption, space is becoming limited at the shelter for other animals that can be. 

“They’re already eating on their own and the foster program supplies you with everything that you need to give you the food,” said Josette Flores, who has been fostering animals for almost a year now. “They give you dried food, canned food, pee pads to cover the floors. You bring them here for vaccinations.”

She said it’s a convenient way for her to still care for an animal without having the long term commitment, which she is limited to because of how much she travels. 

Flores says the application process was simple and can be done online or in person. Families can foster dogs amd cats for weeks or months depending on the animal’s age and needs. 

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