All-time Favorite Movies for Mom


With Mother’s Day this weekend, NewsChannel 9 film critic Felipa Solis shares her favorite films to watch with mom or movies you can’t help but watch over and over again.

Mrs. Doubtfire- The late great Robin Williams wants nothing more that additional time with his kids following a painful divorce. His ex-wife, Sally Field, is a hard working Mom and needs someone to help her out, and not her “out of work,” ex-husband, Enter Mrs. Doubtfire, ( that’s Williams), as a sort of “English Nanny,” who is the best parent for these kids in the world… but this is still “Dad’s turf,” and as complicated as it gets, the film shows how one’s  Love for children is always endless. Even young children will enjoy this one.

Forrest Gump- Yes… Mama not only rules ( again Sally Field… she’s clearly a Good Mom) but guides and provides love, attention, and guidance to “Everyman,” Forrest Gump in one of Tom Hanks most memorable roles. “Life is like a box of chocolates.. you don’t always like what you get.” Priceless. Timeless. Perfect for this day

Steel Magnolias- What an incredible film ( Sally Field.. Hello?) about relationships in general, but how far a Mother will go to protect her daughter, and grandson and deal with the worst crisis a Mom can possibly face… She also has an ensemble of friends who guide her and family through the best of times and the worst of times. Keep the Kleenex handy.

“Monster in Law,”- Jane Fonda as the clingiest Mom ever after losing her job as a Newscaster. Her son pops the question pretty quickly after meeting the stunning Jennifer Lopez, and Mom will do anything to keep this marriage from making it to the altar

“Mommie Dearest”- Joan Crawford was a lot of things, but according to her adopted daughters “tell all book,” after she was left out of the will, Joan Crawford will truly give you nightmares. Faye Dunaway was almost stereotyped in this crazy look at the tragic life and Bad Mommy times where you will immediately hide all of your wire hangars. To this day, I always reserve a gift under the tree for my Mom that says “To Mommie Dearest.” There is always a present for me “To Christina from Mommie Dearest.”

And my Favorite film about a Mom…

” Mildred Pierce”- again Joan Crawford stars as a Mom who will do anything for her children. Single working Moms were not the norm in the 1940’s and Joan stops at nothing to work tirelessly, make big money and all for daughters especially after losing the “sweet one,” so suddenly and tragically. Then there is Veda, the one who wants it all and will do anything to make it happen including destroying her loving Mother… and in the end, Mildred still will sacrifice it all to save her daughter. An Oscar for Joan and a must- see for all! Happy Mother’s Day!

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