EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso Horse rescue is working to end animal cruelty in our area, as they continue to rehabilitate injured animals.

Horses unlimited works with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to rescue horses that have been mistreated and abused. They say many times the abuse is due to the lack of the owners knowledge about the animal.

Recently Horses Unlimited rescued a horse who was so weak she was unable to stand.

According to Horses Unlimited, the owners bought the horse when it was already sick and being first-time horse owners they didn’t know how to treat her. However, sadly due to her condition the horse called Starlight passed away just one week later.

Even though Starlight’s story ended in tragedy the group hopes it shines a light on the resources available to the community.

“If people are having trouble with their horse’s weight or with their horse’s behavior they are able to call us and we have free information for them,” said Victoria Hall the Owner of Horses Unlimited. “We want to let the people know that we are available to help and we want to see them do well with their horse, so that way it doesn’t end up being to a case where their horse is doing really poor.”

However it’s success stories like one horse named Ali who came to the shelter in the same condition as Starlight shows how important proper nutrition and care can be. Ali is know fat, happy, loved and owned by a little girl.

“I think horses are a very large animal so its hard to take them to different vendors and to really put them into the public eye so people have to be looking for where the rescues are and we just want people to know that we are available,” said Hall.

Horses unlimited offers free advice to anyone. They also offer adoption of rescue horses along with riding lessons. However, currently, they are in need of more volunteers.

If you would like to get involved you can go to Horses Unlimited Rescue Facebook page.