EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Migrants continue to wait along the border fence to surrender themselves to agents as Title 42 is set to be lifted on May 11.

The migrants can been seen near the Padres exit along the Border Highway, on the other side of the border fence but on American soil.

Aerial footage along the border. Courtesy of Telemundo

On Tuesday, our crews saw migrants being loaded onto a Border Patrol bus. Migrants could be seen telling the agents “thank you”.

Woman puts her hands together and says thank you to Border Patrol

Aerial footage shows hundreds of migrants in lines. Some have tents set up. Others are laying on cardboard as many try to shade their faces from the sun.

Temperatures were close to 90 degrees on Tuesday.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers could be seen along with National Guard troops helping Border Patrol.

“We do have a working relationship with multiple agencies that are assisting us with this situation and so we feel that we’re pretty prepared for it and we’ll just see what happens come May 12,” said Sean Coffey, a Border Patrol spokesperson for the El Paso Sector.

The Biden Administration is sending 1,500 active-duty troops to the border. The Associated Press reported that all of those troops would be coming to El Paso. However, the Department of Defense said the active duty troops would not be directly interacting with migrants and will be providing support to Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection agents and officers.

In addition, Gov. Greg Abbott has sent additional National Guard troops to the border as well.

“The new Texas Tactical Border Force will help intercept and repel migrants trying to enter Texas illegally,” Abbott said on Twitter.

Abbott posted on Twitter on Tuesday that the troops were putting up more barbed wire along the border.

Migrants continue to be seen camping on the streets of Juarez, ahead of Title 42 being lifted.

While many migrants are already surrendering themselves to agents, others say they would rather wait.

“I want to do everything legal. I want to avoid having to go through the holes (in the wire) or run the risk of being detained,” said Enrique Mijares, from Venezuela who is staying in Juarez.

Border Patrol has said that they will process migrants who have no legal basis to stay in the U.S. under Title 8. If a migrant is removed under Title 8, there is a possible five-year ban from the United States.

In addition, Border Patrol says they are working on implementing even greater legal consequences.

“The Border Patrol will also be working with AUSA or the assistant U.S. attorneys to prosecute these cases of illegal entry into the United States and we hope that will help deter illegal crossings in the El Paso area,” Coffey said.