LUBBOCK, Texas — A man was arrested in Lubbock on Wednesday after an FBI complaint accused him of producing child pornography. Dropbox provided a CyberTip in June 2021, which led law enforcement to Cameron Akiah Varner, 30.

A Lubbock Police detective examined 11 files which were part of the CyberTip. One of them was two adult women engaging in sexual behavior with a “prepubescent female.” The detective got a search warrant and found, according to the FBI complaint, “numerous images of a young girl, nude, that were taken in what appears to be a bathroom.”

“The young girl does not appear to know the images are being taken,” the FBI complaint said.

Investigators found Varner’s girlfriend and one of the girls who was depicted in the Dropbox images. She told investigators she did not know she was photographed. She believed the photographs showed her at the age of 15 or 16.

“[An investigator] believes Varner set up a recording device on the bathroom sink and it was pointing in the direction of the bathtub so he could secretly record Juvenile Doe 1,” the complaint said.

“Varner has over 700 images and videos of child pornography stores in his Dropbox account,” the complaint said. “Varner stated to [the detective] that he was the only person that had access to his Dropbox account.”

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday filed a request to keep Varner locked up while the criminal case continues.

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