911 tapes: Caller describes scene moments after deadly East Texas bus crash


Two people are dead after a crash involving a bus carrying an East Texas track team.

The crash happened around 10:30 p.m. CST Thursday night when Texas DPS Troopers responded to a three-vehicle crash on Highway 271 in Titus County.

According to investigators, a bus carrying a track team from Mt. Pleasant High School was driving south on the highway, returning from a track meet. The bus was followed by a car. For an unknown reason, an oncoming semi-truck drove into the southbound lane hitting the bus and car..

The driver of the semi-truck, identified as 50-year-old Bradley Ray Famer of Bogard, Missouri and the driver of the car behind the bus, who was identified as Mt. Pleasant’s assistant girl’s track coach Angelica Beard, 30 were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Several passengers on the bus were taken to area hospitals for treatment of minor to serious injuries. A prayer vigil is planned Friday night at the high school.

Editor’s note: Read text of both calls below their respective videos.

Dispatch: Titus County Sheriff’s Office, 911 what is your emergency?

Caller: There’s been a wreck outside of Talco, Texas. I’m not sure what Highway it is, but it’s in between Bagota and Mt. Pleasant.

Dispatch: Okay, Is it 271?

Dispatch: County, it’s going to be 271 north, looks like it’s just approximately about a mile, mile and a half outside of Talco.

Dispatch: North or South of Talco?

Dispatch: South of Talco.

Caller: It’s a school bus with a  bunch of kids.

Dispatch: Okay, okay. Is it just this one vehicle?

Caller: It’s just a school bus, it’s all I can tell.

Dispatch: Okay, can you tell if there is any injuries?

Caller: I don’t know. I’m pretty sure there is, there’s people limping around and stuff.

Dispatch: Okay, ma’am. Okay and where are you at right now?

Caller: Just outside of Talco

Dispatch: No, I mean are you out with the school bus.

Caller: No, I’m not.  I’m sitting in the car. My boyfriend is outside trying to help.

Dispatch: Okay, is it still in the roadway? Did it flip or anything?

Caller: Yes, it looks flipped over and there’s a bunch of debris and metal in the road. There’s kids walking around everywhere.

Dispatch: Okay, I got someone on the way. Okay?

Caller: Okay, thank you.

Dispatch: Ma’am, do you think we need an ambulance?

Caller: Maybe

Dispatch: Maybe. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and get one that way. Okay?

Caller: Okay.

Dispatch: Alright, bye.

Caller: Alright, bye.

Dispatcher: Titus county 911 where is your emergency

Caller: I have a big truck in front of me but is swerving side to side. I think he’s probably falling asleep, but he’s going in the other lane.

Dispatcher: Okay, where you at?

Caller: I’m on Highway 271 going north toward Talco

Dispatcher: K, what county road did you pass him?

Caller: Umm…I’m passing a county road right now, give me one second. I’m fixing to be at my moms, I live out here at my moms.

Dispatcher: 1355?

Caller: Yes ma’am.

Dispatcher: Is it an 18-wheeler with a box trailer?

Caller: Umm not sure

Dispatcher: Okay, is it like a flat bed or is it a big box?

Caller: No, it’s a big box.

Dispatcher: Okay, what color is the box? The back part of it?

Caller: I don’t know. I have no clue it’s dark.

Dispatcher: Okay, where are you getting off at?

Caller: I’m actually getting off right now.

Dispatcher: Okay

Caller: I live at my moms

Dispatcher: Okay, I will get someone out there right now, okay.

Caller: Okay, thank you.

Dispatcher: Thank you

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