9 Exclusive: TX AG Ken Paxton leaves El Paso determined to continue fight for Texans, American people


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – One of the most powerful people in the the lone Star State, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, made a stop in El Paso and was gracious enough to give us an exclusive one on one interview.

In the interview Paxton takes us inside the mind of the man that’s leading the charge against what he calls grave violations against the American people and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Paxton touched on everything from Mexican drug cartels, to human smuggling; Vaccine mandates and even his plans to take additional action against the Biden administration.

“The Biden administration is clearly wasting taxpayer dollars,” Paxton said, “They’re not following federal law, they’re not following the directives of congress and I can promise you this, you will see action from my state and potentially other states.”

A.G. Paxton said that the crisis at the Southern border was created by the Biden administration, saying the President’s move to eliminate Trump-era immigration policies sent a message that the borders were wide open. This, he said, led to the more than 1.7 million migrants arriving at the U.S. – Mexico border in Fiscal Year 2021. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) more than 600,000 apprehensions were made in the last three months alone, something Paxton say’s is hurting the country,

“The harm is the massive importation of drugs, the cartels are now getting more Fentanyl in which kills people. You’re talking about a massive increase in crime, all over the country but particularly at the border, ” Paxton continued, “You got the cartels having much more control and more access to not just the border but now all over the country because they’re human trafficking.”

9 Exclusive: Attorney General Ken Paxton talks impacts of illegal immigration, “The harm is the massive increase in crime.”

According the DEA, 279 kilograms of Fentanyl was smuggled across the southern border in the 11 month period ending in January of 2021, which is enough to potentially kill 139 million people.

In addition, Paxton said that flights containing thousands of underage migrants being transported from Texas into the interior of the country in the midnight hours is not only secretive, but dangerous.

“The Biden administration has been very non-transparent about this. They are trying to hide from the American people what is going on which is transporting people who might be criminals, who might have Covid (a lot of them do) who might have connections to the cartel, all over the country in the middle of the night. I’ve talked to law enforcement officers,” he added, “Who have seen it, and then they just disappear in the night. That’s part of the plan is to do it as secretively and do it in as large of numbers of possible to spread theses people into the country.”

9 Exclusive: Texas AG Ken Paxton: American people need transparency on immigration from Biden Administration

According to CBP more than 33,000 unaccompanied minors have shown up at the Southern border in the last two months alone. Paxton said that this, in addition to numerous other moves being made unilaterally by the Biden administration is angering people in Texas and across the country. He said that people are telling him that they are frustrated with the current administration.

“They feel like the government doesn’t care about them and not only that they don’t care, but they are doing things affirmatively to hurt them both economically and the social side with the crime increased crime.”

FBI data shows the number of murders in the United States jumped by nearly 30% over the last year, which is the largest single year spike ever recorded. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation is on the rise. September prices are up 5.4% from the year before and show no signs of slowing.

A supply chain crisis that’s gripped the U.S. For months is impacting everything from school lunches to
neighborhoods filled with cargo containers, and according to Paxton, it’s more than just border, economic and safety issues,

9 Exclusive: AG Ken Paxton concerned about taxpayer dollars, asylum changes, unfinished border wall

“It’s a lot of issues. They’re telling parents they can’t speak out at school board meetings which is unheard of in our country. We have free speech rights and they’re threatening to investigate them with the FBI.”

In addition as vaccine mandates are starting to be implemented across the country, thousands of American workers, first responders and military personnel are losing their jobs for opting not to get the jab. Something A.G. Paxton is already fighting by filing numerous lawsuits against vaccine mandates.

“Look I’m not for or against vaccines. I think people should make their own choices. It should be individual decisions about their health, about their personal health situation that they know better than anyone else, them and their Doctor. So we’re doing everything we can to try to protect American workers.”

Even if it sounds easy being the Attorney General of Texas, Paxton says he faces some challenges in his fight to protect those that he serves,

“I think the most challenging thing is dealing with the assaults that you get. You’re out trying to fight for Texans and there are lots of powerful people in Washington, big companies, especially big tech, the democratic party, and the media who don’t like that so they attack you.”

Even so, Paxton said that he loves what he does and gets a deep satisfaction from knowing he’s making a difference in peoples lives.

“Knowing the things that we do help Texans. Even like going out and joining Southwest Airlines employees and seeing Southwest response that they get to keep their jobs. Sometimes it’s the little things that you can help a constituent with that they couldn’t gotten done. It’s also gratifying to know that we’re impacting the whole country with what we’re doing here in Texas, the lawsuits we’re filing against the Biden administration help everybody.”

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