89-year-old Las Cruces woman evicted, how the city says this is preventable


An 89-year-old Las Cruces woman has lived in the same house for the past seven years. Now she is being evicted after confusion over weeds in her yard. The woman who did not wish to be named said she feels that she was not properly informed about what needed to be done. The Landlord said she violated her lease.

The City of Las Cruces Code Enforcement issued a notice to her residence on August 9 of this year. The violation was for her weeds being too high. However, the 89-year-old woman said she was unaware of the problem until it was too late.

“I was not informed and because of my very solid reputation with the company is perhaps why I was particularly startled,” said the 89-year-old.

The real estate company in charge of the home said she didn’t take action in time and they had to pay for someone to come and mow her lawn for her. They say that is a violation of her lease which says quote, “You must keep lawn mowed and all weeds cut down.” She now has until October 31 to move out.

“So, I have been looking for a place to live but it’s got to be large enough because I have a very substantial library,” said the 89-year-old.

The City of Las Cruces Code Enforcement says they created the Golden Shield yard assistance program three and a half years ago for situations where elderly people cannot clean their own yards and comply with city codes.

“Through a network of volunteers through the city of Las Cruces senior citizens program, we will get folks out to their properties and do the cleanup for them,” said James Chavez the Code Administrator for the City of Las Cruces.

However, for this particular case, code enforcement says it’s too late for them to help.

“We could have looked into it, however, since they do have a landlord again, we’re looking at lease situations so we’re getting into civil matters right there,” said Chavez.

If you or anyone you know would like to sign up for the Golden Shield Yard Assistance you can do so at http://www.las-cruces.org/1293/Golden-Shield-Yard-Assistance.

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