65 test positive for Tuberculosis at El Paso Adult Day Care


El Paso Public Health officials have confirmed that 65 people tested at a local adult day care center have come back with positive results for Tuberculosis.

The investigation began earlier this month at the La Victoria Adult Day Care after a person in their care tested positive for TB. The center then began working with the City of El Paso Public Health Department to test an additional 199 people who may have had contact with the infected person.

On Wednesday, the results came back positive for 65 of those 199 tested. None of the people tested showed signs or reported symptoms of an active TB infection. Additional testing will be performed on those 65 people to determine their TB status.

“While this is a relatively high rate of positivity, we must also consider, among other factors, that any elderly population will likely have higher positivity rates due to prior exposure,” said Robert Resendes, Public Health Director. “A positive test could be unrelated to this particular exposure event.”

Those who tested positive will receive detailed information on their results and will also require further health exams which include physical evaluations by Department of Public Health TB nurses along with chest x-rays at no cost to them.

The examination of the x-rays should take an additional two weeks to complete.

Tuberculosis is spread through a bacteria which attacks the lungs, but TB can also attack any part of the body such as kidneys, spine and brain. Not everyone who is infected with TB gets sick.

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