EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)  — El Paso Water is replacing metal water mains which cross major gas pipelines in El Paso,  the utility announced.

The goal is to help minimize water main breaks, according to the utility.

El Paso Water says it will spend $10 million over the next two years to replace metal water mains in East El Paso. The projects will impact traffic, and the utility urges the public to be patient.

The city’s water utility held a community meeting last week to get word out on the project and also met with members of the local media Tuesday, Feb. 21 about the scope of the project.

“The replacement is necessary because gas pipelines use corrosion protection systems which run an electrical current through the gas pipeline,” the utility said in a news release. “Over time, exposure to that electrical charge can increase the chance of corrosion in the metal water mains, increasing the chance of a break. Drivers should be prepared for lane closures and temporary detours for a few months at each intersection during construction.”

EPWater is replacing portions of five “critical” metal water mains and replacing the pipe material with high-strength plastic, which is resistant to corrosion, according to the utility.

Work is scheduled at each of the following locations over the next two years:

The following intersections will be impacted over the next two years: Lee Trevino Drive at Vista del Sol; Yarbrough Drive at Kinross; Lee Trevino Drive at Pebble Hills; Viscount Boulevard at Airway; and Yarbrough Drive at Vista del Sol.

The first phase will begin Wednesday, Feb. 22 at the intersection of Lee Trevino and Vista Del Sol.

Traffic along Lee Trevino from Pellicano to Vista del Sol will be impacted. There will be a complete closure of the northbound lanes between Armour Drive to the Chili’s restaurant.

Northbound traffic will then shift over to the southbound lanes with one lane going northbound and one lane going southbound. Single lane southbound traffic will begin at La Quinta Place until Armour Drive. This phase is expected to be completed by June 2023.

Over the next two years, work will be completed on each phase before moving to the next one. The intersections will not be under construction simultaneously.