EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – Nearly a year later, and on his birthday, Jesse Carranza’s family and their lawyers are still asking for information from DPS and the district attorney’s office about the day he was killed.

“I just want them to know that I loved Jesse and Jesse was loved by a lot of people and his life was cut short.”- Jessica Vergas

Nearly a year after a DPS agent shot and killed Jesse Carranza video surveillance from that day in July 2021 has been present by attorney’s representing Carranza’s mother Jessica Vargas.

In the video you can see Carranza’s white truck drive over and park behind the DPS agent’s vehicle while he is pumping gas the two then get into a physical altercation and a short time later, Carranza backs away.

The lawyers stopped the video surveillance recording, pointing out that when Carranza backed away, he no longer posed a threat to the officer and should not have been shot.

“This is the reason why we want to know what DPS what the El Paso district attorney’s office uncovered in their investigation so we can get answers to these questions.”-Augustus Corbett/Attorney

Since the incident Carranza’s mother states that she has not been given any updates despite repeatedly asking about the case and just wants answers about why her son was killed. according to her lawyer’s that is the main focus of their argument.

“We are asking you all to provide open and transparent information to us so this family and this grieving mother could perhaps get closure or at least find out what happened to her son so were calling on that today.”

Chloe Corbett, Attorney

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