EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Hollywood studios are promising a hit each week this summer and it has already begun. The Box Office appears to be back to normal and your favorite stars will be dishing out the laughs or intrigue… one after the other. There are so many exciting summer movies, but here are my highly anticipated Top Five. 

FASTX- This film is nothing but some of the finest jaw dropping action I have seen in a film for some time, and for someone who has always been a little “Fast and Furious,” this is by far the best. Dom Toretto is back, after having outsmarted everyone in his world, he’s tired of the business and ready to settle down with family. Even Rita Moreno is here as his grandmother.  The business is never really over and Dante Reyes, newcomer to the series Jason Momoa, is amazing as the vindictive bad guy fueled by revenge over the death of his Father at the hands of Dom more than ten years ago. From here the action goes to Italy and beyond as Dom works to keep his family safe and once again, is back in the game. When this film series first emerged in 2001, with the late great Paul Walker, I never would have expected so much depth to come out of the franchise 22 years later. From Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, (and those two go at it), Brie Larson, Jason Statham and the whole crew, this film is the perfect way to kick off this Fast and Furious Summer race to the Box Office. 

Barbie- I am so intrigued with what looks like will be “Existential Barbie,” created by the incredible Greta Gerwig, and Margot Robbie who is perfectly cast as the ultimate Mattel Toy. So basically, Barbie and Ken decide to leave their precious Barbie Land to try it out in the real world. Is this even possible? Will this be Barbie vs. the Matrix? Ryan Gosling is so perfectly cast as Ken, and it will be interesting to see who prevails with none other than Will Farrell as the bad guy. Great music by the great Khalid, Lizzo, Nikki Minaj and more will also make for the ultimate soundtrack. Barbie is rated PG-13 so this will be an interesting “family,” option for the summer. Stay tuned. 

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. – As the ultimate Harrison Ford/Dr. Jones/ Hans Solo fan, I am anxiously awaiting the opening of this final episode with Dr. Jones to change the course of history. The famed archeologist is ready to retire, but this time, his goddaughter has unanswered questions about this infamous Dial that he found during World War Two. Who is creating all of the chaos? The Nazi’s of course and do modern day Nazi’s believe that this dial can correct Hitler’s mistakes? It’s all pretty absurd, until Harrison Ford will undoubtedly save the day and the planet. If anyone can make it happen behind the camera, it’s Steven Spielberg. This is Harrison Ford’s final bow, and I will be here with that review as soon as possible. 

Elemental- Here is Pixar taking Summer by Storm with “Elemental,” and a very interesting and colorful look at the Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Can they co-exist?  Ember and Wade are a pair of star-crossed lovers from two different worlds but are these two elements more alike than we think? I think this film might be wonderful for children to learn in a Pixar way, more about the elements and how to bring our world together. I am anxious to see this animated feature. 

Mission Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One- What is a Summer Season without Tom Cruise? At 61 years old, Tom Cruise is still doing his own stunts, and Ethan Hunt is ready to track down even more weapons of mass destruction that threaten all of humanity. This time around, can Ethan make it all about the mission or will he step away in the name of the people he cares about?  This has been a movie in the making for some time, and this Summer, Tom Cruise will also save the world, but in a whole different way than Dr. Jones, and with a sure Box Office hit.