Saturday morning, Memorial Park will be surrounded with women competing in the Mighty Mujer Triathlon and their families cheering them on.

The Mighty Mujer Triathlon is just five days away. One former competitor is helping other women be ready for the race.

Aimee Saldivar  has been in the competitors’ shoes. She will be joining KTSM on air during the live broadcast of the event giving viewers details on what the women are going through.

Saldivar raced in Mighty Mujer Triathlon three times. She was inspired to sign up and finish her first triathlon after her dad died just months before. She wanted to honor him with the race.

“It was a really awesome thing because I just knew he was there watching over me and it inspired me to continue to do it and I love it,” said Saldivar.

Now she coaches women getting ready for their first Mighty Mujer Triathlon. The women she has been helping said Saldivar taught them how to train properly and know what to expect.

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