The 8th Annual Mighty Mujer Triathlon is on April 13. However, participants have already been preparing for weeks.

Clinics leading up to the event help with the training including a swim clinic over the weekend at the Westside Pool.

Instructors help women learn breathing techniques as well as kicking and strokes.

Swimming is the first part of the triathlon and is followed by a bicycle route and running. Mighty Mujer Triathlon organizers said the swimming portion holds many women back from participating.

“It is the one things that we hear over and over again. I would do it but I don’t know how to swim. Hence the swim clinics,” said Kat Stopani with Race El Paso. “Until you have someone come alongside you and show you, that swimming is not hard, people are scared.”

The Mighty Mujer Triathlon is an all-female event on April 13th.

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