The Mighty Mujer Triathlon is less than three weeks away, and participants must finish the course unsupported.

From start to finish, the women have to do everything on their own, from swimming to cycling and running.

One of the obstacles the women sometimes face is changing a flat tire during the cycling portion.

Bicyclists should be prepared with a spare tube, a tire lever, and mini pump or CO2 cartridge. Usually, they all fit in a small pack.

Learning how to change a tire doesn’t just benefit cyclists during a races but anywhere.

That really helps the athletes be invested in their machines and their equipment, said David Diaz a bike tech at Crazy Cat Cyclery. That’s something we really want to see because whether you are doing an organized event in a ride or just riding around downtown. You’re liable to get a flat anywhere. It can happen to anyone and it does, so being able to do that is really important.
The bike route during Might Mujer Triathlon is more than nine miles. For an in-depth video on changing a tire or other Mighty Mujer Triathlon things to know, click here.