In the weeks leading up to the 8th Annual Mighty Mujer Triathlon some women who are not avid cyclists buy or rent bicycles for the event.

Cyclists said there are many different options when getting a bicycle and it can be intimidating for new riders. From mountain bikes to cruisers and road bikes which are ideal for a long distance ride like the route on Mighty Mujer Triathlon.

Crazy Cat Cyclery said new riders should not be intimidated because it’s a learning process that can benefit your health.

Getting a new bike fitted can take about 30 to 45 minutes. You want to make sure the seat is comfortable and at the right height. Make sure the angle of the legs are in a good position not too cramped up or extended. Same with the arms. The handle bars may need to be adjusted.

The bicycle shop said a properly fitted bike can make a rider more confident and the ride safer.

“When we get a bike dialed in, and a customer on a bike. The more comfortable you are the more likely you are to ride that bike,” said David Diaz. He is a bike tech at Crazy Cat Cyclery. “The uptick in cycling and cycling interest because of events like Mighty Mujer, is super awesome.”

Getting a bike fitted is not just for new riders but even pro riders who buy a new bicycle may want to get it properly fitted.

The bicycle shop said Mighty Mujer Triathlon has helped more locals become cyclists, no matter which bicycle they end up riding with.