DALLAS (NEXSTAR/KXAS) — It’s almost time to ring in 2023 with Lone Star NYE! You can expect an over-the-top fireworks show and music from the Casey Donahew Band.

For Donahew, this event will be a homecoming for the popular Texas country act.

“We’ve tried to make our name over 20 years of putting on a live show that people want to come back to and bring their friends to,” Donahew said. “That’s how we’ve been able to keep this going so long.”

Donahew sat down for an interview with show hosts Katy Blakey and D.J. Williams. You can watch their full conservation above.

As a singer who grew up in Fort Worth, Donahew credits a few familiar names for influencing the performer he is today.

“It’s hard to get away from George Strait being from Texas. He’s the king and just no one did it cooler than George,” said Donahew. “My friend Pat Green really lead me down the road that I’m in now, especially paved the way for Texas music scene, and paved a way for independent artists to make a living without having to get stuck in the Nashville grind.”

Donahew performs on New Year’s Eve ahead of launching an acoustic tour that will take him back to some of the smaller stages that helped launch his career. For Saturday night’s event, he’ll be staying up past his bed time.

“I’m usually asleep by 10, so this will be a stretch to stay up this late,” he added.

Lone Star NYE 2023 will broadcast across the state of Texas, as well as affiliates in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.

The main event of the broadcast will be the remarkable, nonstop, 10-minute fireworks show that will illuminate the Dallas city skyline. The show includes breath-taking panoramic fireworks with more than 4,000 pyrotechnic special effects fired from 560 feet above ground atop Reunion Tower. The tower itself, meanwhile, is covered with 259 LED lights that will display thousands of unique designs and patterns during the show.

Lone Star NYE will air beginning at 11:30 p.m. Central Time on December 31. It will also stream on this website.