EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — One of the survivors who made it out of Walmart on Saturday vividly remembers the shooting.

Jessica Garcia was at the Walmart with her husband Guillermo ‘Memo’ Garcia and their two children raising money for their daughter’s youth soccer team.

She says she saw some of the 22 victims lose their lives. Her husband, shot three times, nearly gave his life trying to save hers. In the chaos, their children went missing.

“I got up and checked on my husband again. I pulled up his shirt to see where he was hit and I didn’t see anything. and I kiss him on the forehead and said I’m going to go look for our kids,” Garcia said.

As she ran through the Walmart searching for her children she was shot in the leg. Monday, Jessica was reunited with her children for the first time.

Her husband Memo remains in a coma.