EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – El Pasoan Belinda Rosales says she unknowingly hired someone who didn’t have a permit to do work on her home. He left the work unfinished and now she wants to warn others.

The work itself, it’s not done, and that money that I spent, and I know that it’s my fault (I) didn’t check the license. So, anybody that is going to hire a contractor just because they give you a card and a license number, doesn’t mean they actually have a business, you have to call the city and find out.

Belinda Rosales

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Paso Del Norte says it’s important to check on whether a contractor has a city license in order to work, or not.

How you can check that, is making sure they (the contractor) have a city registration license, they need to be bonded and insured and obviously they have to provide the city with that proof of bond and insurance so you can go ahead and check the city to see if they have their city registration license as a way to make sure that you’re dealing with an actual business.

Carlos Pedrueza, BBB Paso Del Norte

KTSM 9 News called the City of El Paso’s Planning and Inspections department to ask if the number listed on the card given to Rosales by the contractor was registered with the City of El Paso.

The business name on the card is D.R. Construction, but we were told the number listed was not registered with the City of El Paso, or the name of the contractor.

We called the contractor to ask him about his licensing.

“I had a question about the number that’s on your card,” said the KTSM reporter….”Ma’am I’m not even a contractor anymore.”

The name of the company on the contractors card was D.R. Construction, which is the name of a company actually registered with the City, but under a different owner’s name.

We reached out to Daniel Rubio, the Owner of D.R. Construction, who said he himself has had people mistake him for the other contractor.

I got a call from a customer stating that I never went back to finish their driveway. Shortly after saying that I ‘don’t know who you are sorry, that wasn’t me.’ Her dad proceeded to call me after that phone call and demand that I give, I think it was about $10,000 back. They had already contacted the sheriff’s office, they had already moved forward legally and they wanted me to turn myself in. After about an hour of conversation on the phone with the dad essentially proving that that wasn’t me and I had no idea what project or who they are talking about, the dad came to terms that I wasn’t lying and it was not me who they were after and that’s when they started telling me about this other guy.

Daniel Rubio, Owner, D.R. Construction

Rubio added that he continues to get mistaken for the other contractor.

KTSM tried to ask the other man, who claimed he’s no longer a contractor, more questions about the similarities in the businesses.

“So, you no longer operate with D.R. Construction?” asked the reporter.

“I appreciate your time. You have a beautiful, wonderful afternoon,” said the man.

“Okay, can I ask you a few more questions?” said the reporter. The the line hung up.

The man who hung up the phone did say that Rosales, who he did work for, still owed him money. Rosales says she does owe him money but still has an unfinished project.

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