EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Moms and dads if you’re looking for someone to babysit your child then look no further because the Westside Pregnancy Center is here for you.

If you’re struggling with personal issues, financial stability or just need someone to watch your child because no one else can that’s okay because Westside Pregnancy Centers on 201 E. Sunset Road next to Westside Community Church is here to help. 

Executive Director Deb Gray is opening the doors to the borderland community. Since life can be challenging nowadays for young moms and dads they are offering certified babysitters. 

 “We want to offer a program other than a mother’s day which is a set date, which we do have here at West Side Pregnancy on Wednesdays from 1 to 4 they can come in and drop their kiddo but we want a program that if they found, just if they were overwhelmed and they didn’t have a support system, that they can come and bring their kiddos here,” gray said. 

The resource center offers free baby sitting up to three hours, with any other programs and since formula shortage has been a major issue across the country, mom’s don’t have to worry about their baby starving or being without any essentials.

“Diapers, we have cribs, we have all the clothing, maternity clothes, we pretty much have everything that you will need for your little one,”

Deb says they babysit children from newborns up to 12 years old and offer a full nursery. Plus a playground for kids to play in with a full staff of babysitters. 

“We want a safe environment for these girls to go and it will be just at emergency placement for up to two weeks and this kind of works with some of the other programs that we offer here. When again we know there are a lot of challenges and obstacles and sometimes finances for the young mama’s is a problem,” Gray said.  

According to Deb, the resource center is working on getting tiny homes for pregnant and single moms who want to get back on their feet. 

Westside Pregnancy has partnered up with Borderplex Workforce to help moms for the first two years to find a job, learn basic skills, get their ESL, GED, get resume workshops, computer labs and dress for success. 

With that, while the kiddos are being taken care of, mom’s can take care of themselves with a new program called Wednesday’s Mother Day created by the Westside Community Church and Westside Community Pregnancy Center. 

However, the resource center not only offer’s help to mom’s but dad’s as well. The center has started a new program for young men where they will offer mentors who have been in the same shoes as the beginner dads. 

To donate or volunteer for the tiny home project and help mothers in need click here. Due to being a non-profit pregnancy center, they also help young mom’s who are uncertain of unplanned pregnancies across the borderland. For more details go to WestsidePregnancyCenter.com

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