EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A video showing what appears to be a grown man pinning a 14-year-old year old to the ground has gone viral on social media. The video was shot at Hanks High School, in east El Paso.

A person with direct knowledge of the incident – who wishes to remain anonymous-  said that the situation concerned him so much, that he felt he needed to say something. 

“It disturbed me. It disturbed me and it was difficult to watch, especially because I have a 15-year-old daughter and nieces and nephews that go to that school.”

The concerned parent said that everything started over a fight between two teenagers at the eastside high school. 

“Maybe this big guy, whoever he is, was trying to break the fight up. But when the altercation took on a different level of violence I just decided to step up and say something.”

The parent said that the man only went after one of the kids who was involved in the fight. 

“For some reason that guy had him in an arm twist and interlocked fingers, like he was trained to have him in a lock like that. He was kind of walking the kid up to the front of the school with both his hands behind his back. The kid somehow broke free and the man started chasing him. The grimace on the little boy’s face, laying on the ground in pain, bleeding from his knees.”

23-year-old at center of Parkland HS, Pre-K lockdown captured by EPPD in Far East El Paso

The concerned parent told me that the entire incident should have been handled in a completely different manner.

“I think he had the size enough to break up both kids and hold them there. Let the school suspend them or do whatever they got to do, but that kind of violence from a grown man that size, nah man I can’t have it, I can’t.

The concerned parent went on to say that everyone needs to do better. 

“In everything that’s happened recently here in El Paso, the Walmart shooting, the incident that happened at Parkland High school the other day. El Paso strong. I mean if we’re El Paso strong and we’re supposed to be a community that comes together and protects each other and our children, why hasn’t anybody else stepped up to say anything? Let’s put a name to the face so we can stop this violence.”


We reached out to the El Paso Police Department who said they are looking to get us more information. Once we learn that information, we will update you on air and online. 

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