EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – Mayor Pro Temp Peter Svarzbein and Rep. Cassandra Hernandez invited the community to come together in a solemn moment of silence for the victims of the Uvalde shooting.

Held at the East-Central park where a memorial wall for the victims of the August 3 massacre, the vigil was an emotional one for everyone, harkening back to the vigil was held for the victims of the Walmart shooting in El Paso back in 2019.

City council member Cassandra Hernandez was in attendance and as a mother of young children herself wants to send a message to the families.

“Me being a mother of young children my heart is broken for the families of the 21 that we lost and were here today to mourn those families like we have in 2019 here at this very site in 2019 when the mass shooting at Walmart happened were here to send our love and our compassion to those families and our hearts break for them,” Hernandez shared.

Peter Svarzbein was also in attendance this evening to offer his condolences to those that were lost. We spoke with him earlier about how we as a city and country can move forward which he responded by saying we need to pay tribute to those who were killed not just in Uvalde but to start having conversations about finding balance

“I think what we need to do is first create a space to honor those who are no longer here with us in Uvalde, in buffalo, in El Paso and others but we also need to go and start to have these conversations this difficult conversations about how we balance the rights in our country but with also common sense approaches towards gun reform.”

Those that attended were asked to scan a barcode so that may sign an electronic condolence card that will be sent to that community.

A similar vigil and ceremony was held in Socorro, where community members gathered to remember and pray for the victims of the Uvalde school shooting.

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