EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Our future health care heroes from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center of El Paso have contributed millions of dollars over the past 5 years to the economy.

Richard Lange is the president of Texas Tech University Health Science Center of El Paso and dean of Paul Foster School of Medicine. He tells KTSM the university has made a positive annual economic impact with $634 million in the region and state-wide.

In addition, the university has created 3,800 jobs. Plus, the annual income of each individual at the university contributes $213 million to the economy.  

“We offer the opportunity to train to be a physician, medical school, a nurse, graduate school, and dental school,” Lange said. 

Dr. Lange says some graduates in the borderland are retained. Although 19% of nurses and 20% of doctors stay to do their residency, some leave but also have come back.

“They become familiar with the community and immigrate into it. They do a lot of volunteer work of over 19 thousand hours of volunteer work. And then we try to create an environment where it’s conducent to hiring them. To create good jobs here and the community they love,” Lange said.

According to Dr. Lange, the physicians from the clinics have cared for 120,000 patients every year and one in seven individuals have received care from the university..

“We also provide care for individuals that don’t have the means to pay for it.. We call uncompensated care and we provide about $31 million annually of uncompensated care. It’s important to us that we keep our community healthy whether people can afford it or not,” Lange said.  

There are 22 different residencies that people can study which are partnered hospitals. For instance, the University Medical Center of El Paso, Children Hospital or the Transmountain Campus of the Hospitals of Providence.  

Dr. Lange says most students that stay are more likely to build their career and be a part of the community.

He adds, since El Paso has allowed student’s to get the training that they need, TTUHSC of El Paso wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the community’s support.

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