EL PASO, TX. (KTSM) – The Erika Gaytan murder trial resumed this week after a mistrial was declared back in April due to issues with the jury.

On Wednesday multiple witnesses were called to the stand to testify for the Ricardo Marquez trial including police detectives and friends of the alleged victims.

The trial started with detective Gerardo Rodriguez answering questions for the prosecution. The courtroom was tense, as the family of Erika Gaytan looked on. According to Rodriguez, police had taken pictures of messages from the defendant and the alleged victims phone a week after Gaytan went missing.

After the morning break, the prosecution brought up bringing in new witnesses into the trial. According to the prosecution, one of the witnesses would share what the alleged victim reaction was to a fight between defendant Ricardo Marquez and another man – which they believe goes towards motive.

They also had another witness, who claimed Marquez consumed cocaine but was not allowed in. Judge Sam Medrano allowed the first witness, however, Esmerelda Rosas could only attest to the overall demeanor of the night and not the fight.

Rosas took the stand saying she spent the night at the bar with Gaytan and Marquez. She said that their demeanor did not change throughout the night and Marquez mostly stayed quiet. She testified saying that Erika wanted her to stay with her, but defense asked her if Gaytan left with Marquez which she said she saw them leave.

The next witness was FBI special agent for the cellular analyst survey team Sean MacManus, an expert in mobile geo locations. The prosecution brought in multiple files, like google records, cell phone locations, and phone records.

MacManus explained to the jury that what will be shown is the cellphone location not the actual location of a person. He proceeded to show the courtroom the activity of Marquez’s cell phone on the night of July 14th which multiple activities pinged from his cell phone. However, there was no activity after 3 am and four days after that. Activity from Marquez’s cell phone resumed on the 19th.

The trial continues Thursday

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