EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –– The Coronation and other Sun Bowl events offer a unique opportunity for young women of El Paso to promote their city, to volunteer as community ambassadors and to be recognized as bright, young civic leaders.

From the early beginnings in the 1930s, the Coronation has grown and matured, with the field of entrants increasing steadily and representing an ever-broader cross-section of the El Paso community and surrounding areas.

Contestants are judged on their appearance, poise, communication skills and knowledge of the Sun Bowl Association and El Paso. The participants must be full-time students at a college or university and in good academic standing.

MANDATORY EVENTS     Please review your schedule before applying.

July 9                                    Sun Court Interviews – Saturday

Aug. 5                                  Sun Court Orientation – Friday

Aug. 5                                  Sun Court Coronation – Friday

Aug. 19-21                          Sun Bowl Flag Football TournamentFriday-Saturday

Oct. 11                                  Peter Piper Pizza Punt, Pass, & Kick – Tuesday

Nov. 10                                 Sun Bowl Art Exhibit – Thursday                 

Nov. 24                                Glasheen, Valles, & Inderman, LLP Injury Lawyers Sun Bowl Thanksgiving Day Parade – Thanksgiving Day

Dec. 21-22                          WestStar Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational – Wednesday, Thursday

Dec. 25-30                         Week of Football Bowl Events – Sunday-Friday

Dec. 29                               Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta Presented by El Paso LIVE – Wednesday

Dec. 30                               Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl Game – Thursday

May 2023 (TBD)                Helen of Troy Charm Camp

July 4, 2023                        Rotary Club 4th of July Parade

**Dates are subject to change

Attendance for all events is mandatory. Any absence must be approved by the Sun Court Chairman and Executive Director prior to the event. An unexcused absence may result in removal from the Sun Court.

For eligibility info, rules, application/submission process, please email your application to bolivas@sunbowl.org and office@sunbowl.org

Please call the Sun Bowl Association at (915) 533-4416 or email office@sunbowl.org for more information for eligibility, rules, application/submission process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost or entry fee?

No, there is no cost to submit your application. However, if selected you are responsible for your own transportation costs to attend mandatory events. (The Sun Bowl Association knows that this can be expensive and will give plenty of notice so best arrangements can be made). Purchase of some clothing items will be required, with possible reimbursement.

• Will I be judged on my looks?

No, this is not a beauty competition. Judging will be based on communication and interpersonal skills, ability to demonstrate knowledge of the Sun Bowl, El Paso, poise, personality, and how you present yourself.

• What should I wear at the interview?

Wear something you feel comfortable in, yet professional. Many applicants have worn slacks, dresses, skirts, or business attire type of outfits. Keep in mind that you are judged on appearance and presentation.

• Who are the judges?

The judges are community members and past Sun Court Queens and past Sun Court members who have a broad knowledge of the Sun Bowl Association, the community, and the Sun Court.

The 2022 Sun Queen and Princesses will be announced at the 2022 Sun Court Coronation on Friday, August 5. If selected as a 2022 Sun Princesses, you will be eligible for the Sun Queen competition in the year 2023. The 2023 Sun Queen will be selected from the 2022 Sun Princesses based on performance during the Sun Bowl events for that year.

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