LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KTSM) – A recent study from concluded that students in New Mexico need the most “homework help” out of any state in the country.

Researchers looked at a number of factors including overall student performance, school/teacher quality, and concerns students have reported about falling behind or failing to determine the final rankings regarding which students may need extra help after school.

New Mexico also topped the same list a year ago and was yet again weighed down by the lowest math test scores in the country, according to the study.

Texas fared slightly better than New Mexico, coming in at 35th on the ranking thanks in part to the nation’s highest high school graduation rate. Meanwhile, New Mexico had the second-lowest high school graduation rate in the nation, trailing only Arizona.

But other issues related to student performance factored into the Lone Star State’s relatively low ranking overall despite its success in helping students graduate.

The northeast dominated the top spots on the list with Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Hampshire taking the top four slots, in that order.

Massachusetts not only took the top spot overall but had the highest reading and math test scores, according to the data compiled by the researchers.

The study looked at student success at a variety of grade levels. The reading and math scores reported were for students in fourth and eighth grade while the number of students who had to repeat fifth, eighth, or tenth grade was also a key factor in the final rankings.