El Paso, Texas (KTSM) — Just before the end of April, the Borderland received a few days of scattered showers, bringing the rain measurement to just under three inches since July 2020.

With monsoon season just around the corner, the Southwest continues to pray for a better season than what was seen in 2020.

“Monsoon, by definition, it’s a seasonal reversal of winds,” explained Jason Laney, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

It is the one season of the year where the Borderland can almost always expect rainwater on its desert sands.

“Many people tend to think that monsoon means rainfall … but it is not defined by rainfall or how much rainfall we get,” said Laney.

Monsoon is the changing of prevailing winds and El Paso, on a normal day, receives its winds from the west where it’s dry and desert-like. During our change of the prevailing winds, they come from the south and the east.

“This manages to tap in to some tropical moisture down parts of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico and even the Gulf of California,” Laney added.

Over the last year, the Borderland has fallen behind by nearly 7 inches from its annual rain measurement of 8 inches or even 10 inches.

“We’ve been in a La Niña winter and when you look back on similar years coming out of La Niñas like this … one year had above-normal precipitation, another had below normal and another had normal,” Laney explained.

While the Borderland continues to pray for rain, data shows that it may look like another dry summer ahead, meaning this summer could soon be a retelling of 2020.

However, other models show otherwise, providing data that explains closer to normal conditions should be expected and our home will probably get more rain than it did last year.

“So we’re keeping our fingers crossed it might be a little late but still a little bit better of a monsoon this year when it comes to rainfall,” said Laney.

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