CLINT, Texas (KTSM) – Open to everyone who walks through the doors, San Lorenzo church has welcomed parishioners for over 100 years. The building was originally completed in 1913 and was dedicated to one of the seven deacons of Rome.

Now exactly 109 years old, San Lorenzo is a beacon of hospitality for the small community.

“This parish has a very important characteristic since it is a community that receives, is very welcoming, very hospitable, and the local people, the people of the community identify themselves a lot and with San Lorenzo for this service, which is to provide for the neediest, protect the most vulnerable. I think that’s where that characteristic comes from that they receive, and they are very hospitable,” said Father Enrique Soto, parish administrator.

While the church is small in occupancy, there have been generations of families who have called the parish of San Lorenzo their home. Even today, there are those who come in daily to give thanks to the church and to God.

“All day long they come, some people we know they come everyday people that maybe they are going to work every day, they come they pray for one-two minutes and then they go,” said administrative secretary Elisa Martinez.

Father Enrique Soto has only been with the church and its community for two years. However, he wants to continue to keep the spirit of the church alive by growing the congregation and strengthening their faith in God.