EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Police say no shots were fired at Cielo Vista Mall and the shopping center has reopened for business.

Earlier today, the mall was evacuated and cleared as a precaution. Law enforcement says a celebrity was at the mall and caused a rush of individuals.

A panic ensued as many believed there was an active shooter in the mall and individuals hid in stores and storage areas.

A patrol and a SWAT team were deployed, according to police.

“Rumors spread of shots fired,” police tweeted. “If there are injuries only due to mad rush.”

Shay Gann, who was at Tilly’s this afternoon, said she and her daughter were about to check out of the store when a group of people ran in and told others to take cover. They crouched down by the dressing room until an employee took them to a back storage area with around 25 others.

“They didn’t tell us anything but someone got a phone call while we were in the closet that there was an active shooter in the mall,” she said. “We prayed and we waited. It was scary.”

Gann said they waited until police arrived and escorted them out.

“Everyone in that closet was terrified,” she said.

For now, it is unclear what celebrity police referred to in their tweet but KTSM 9 News has learned that YouTuber Danny Duncan was at the mall earlier today.

He posted a video with fans outside the mall on his Instagram story before police responded to the area. Crews witnessed police escort his van out of the complex around 5 p.m.

This story will be updated.