EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Residents who live along Myrtle St. have been concerned for over a month now about the rising homeless population that take residence along the street. They are also concerned that with the upcoming freeze, the homeless will try to take up shelter in an abandoned home to avoid the cold.

The homeowners say they feel uncomfortable in their own homes and have tried to contact the city and the police department but to no avail. 19 911 calls have been made to that residence and two fires that were put out by the fire department.

One resident said that he feels he has earned the right to live where they are and that this situation causes problems for the neighborhood.

“They need to clean that alley, they don’t have a right to live there, I understand their situation but it doesn’t give them the right to camp outside and do things there are residents out there who do pay taxes that work you know they’re out there just living for free and that’s not fair for us.”

We did speak with Rachel Villalobos who does experience homelessness. She says herself and other are not on the streets to cause problems but they are in need of help. She continued by saying that they are people too and others often forget that they exist.

“Keep us in mind that we are out here doing what we can try to better ourselves, again we are not asking for a handout but just a hand up. You know what, if you fall, fall with grace remember you don’t have to stay fallen because there is always a hand out, reaching out there to help you if you want to help yourself up”

Rachel Villalobos homeless El pasoan

For people on both sides, the solutions are not easy to come by. Therefore, they are looking to the city for some guidance. KTSM 9 reached out to the city regarding the situation on Myrtle and are awaiting their response.

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