EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – On Saturday, May 7, dozens of people were at San Jacinto Plaza to protest to the City and the Central Appraisal District that they’re fed up with the rising taxes on their homes. Many have felt that if they are not lowered, they could be taxed out of their homes that they’ve lived in for years.

“The unnecessary increase in property taxes, it’s been an ongoing issue for years they just keep raising them and raising them and there’s no end in sight. Those that bought our houses a long time ago that haven’t paid off were going to be taxed out of our home right now my taxes are approaching $1000 a month,” said Leslie Rhen.

“The purpose of today is for the people’s voices to be heard. They want those from the City and the Appraisal District to that they should not bee seen as a property but as families according to one of the,” said protest organizer Ana Saenz.

“I feel that our homes are being viewed as a business and our homes are our future they’re not anybody’s business so they are making money out of our homes and were not making any,” she added.

This protest is also to raise awareness for those who may not be able to afford their home especially if they require some kind of financial help.

“Because some of us cannot just afford such big taxes just taking into consideration our Medicare beneficiaries some of them have received a $600 dollar check a month, how do you survive on $600,” said Mayra de la Canal.

Claudia Rodriguez from District 6 did attend the protest to stand with those against the property taxes. With the budget season approaching, she wants them to attend the meetings to voice their worries while also learning where their money is going.

“It’s a very careful balancing act that we have to do the budget season it’s something that’s coming up its a transparent operation that we do everybody is welcome to go and to see exactly where every single dollar from what the city receives is going towards.”

However, Elsa Garcia feels that this issue goes beyond the city level and looks to the state representatives to hear them and solve the rising costs

“We need state representatives i urge veronica Escobar, Cesar Blanco, come help us do something about this state entity that’s in the legislator if we all start to support each other slowly but surely, we can get something done please help us on the state level.”

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