EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – When it comes to the proper care and feeding of plants, Peace Garden Plant Shop is now teaching anyone how to repot house plants.

10 years in the making, Co-Owner Zian Zaragoza and her husband Bradley Squiers started selling houseplants from their home, leading the couple to open up their own shop here in the Sun City.

“We wanted to have a place where people can come and learn about plants and see things that they normally see at nurseries and other plants stores,” Zaragoza said.

The couple decided to save their customers time by providing certain types of soil made from scratch. Whether there for Philodendrons, Pathos, Sansevieria or ZZ plants.

“We actually create our own soil. It’s made out of eco-friendly materials and high-quality materials. It’s a lot different from the potting soil you get at big box stores.”

The unique plant shop offers Sip ‘N Pot services, where you will be drinking a beverage of your choice, all while learning how to repot a wide range of plants, if it’s brought from home or from the shop.

They add that they’re planning to start a pest identification class, since some bugs are good while others are bad for house plants.

“The re-potting services, where they can bring their plants here or we can go there. We also help people diagnose issues of other plants. They can send us a picture, or they can bring it here. We can also make a visit to their home and help them. It can either be that their watering, using the wrong soil, or there could be pest,” said Zaragoza.  

Zaragoza says the common misconception when it comes to watering plants, is watering them too much since giving a plant too much water can actually kill it.

“Skip that watering, check it again next week, if it’s still moist, leave it alone. If it feels dry, give it a good watering.”

Zian tells KTSM, plants are a lot like people since they all have their own individual needs.

“I will always suggest Pathos, a lot of people know them as Julieta’s. A lot of grandmas have them in their homes, they grow long vines. Another one is the snake plant known as Sansevieria. People also call them the mother in law’s tongues. We recommend those to new people or to beginners. We also recommend the ZZ plant. So, typically the easier plants are slower growing. But they can also adapt to low light conditions, low water conditions and they’re pretty forgiving.”

The garden shop even teaches Montessori students how to repot house plants once they take them home. Providing a family friendly service, for parents to bring their children.

“Actually, I am pretty proud to say that a lot of people have come in with no plants, and they start with the plants that we suggest to them and now they have huge collections of plants and they’re like regular shoppers with us,” said Zaragoza.

If you’re looking to expand your branches and grow in the 915, Peace Garden Plant Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and is located at 632 Sunland Park Drive Ste C. You can now follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

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