Paranormal investigation of El Paso Fire Department Station 10: The pet monkey that never left?


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso Fire Department Station 10 is known for its history of strange pets, but it’s also believed to be haunted by one of them.

Among dogs and even a donkey, one of Station 10’s furry mascots stands out.

A monkey named DP Lowry was gifted to then Captain Whirley back in the 1930s.

Whirley loved the monkey and monkey reciprocated, however, battalion chief Christopher Hoggard, who is also EPFD’s historian, said he wasn’t that friendly with everyone.

“He was friendly with the captain, but he was pretty aggressive with other firemen. He would bite on their ankles and they would tease him,” said Chief Hoggard.

Newspaper clipping showing DP Lowry, often referred to as Jocko. Courtesy: El Paso Police Fire Department Archives

Hoggard said one fireman even got another pet for the station to keep the monkey in line – a small aligator from Florida.

“Because the monkey used to mess with the fish in the pond so they got the alligator to mess with the monkey when he would mess with the fish. The alligator didn’t last too long though,” explained Chief Hoggard.

After Captain Whirley retired, the monkey stayed at the station with his successor for the next few years, but it is unknown where he ended up after. 

Firemen that were and still are stationed at 10 believe DP Lowry might still be sticking around.

Captain Whirley with DP Lowry in his arms and other firemen. Courtesy: El Paso Fire Department Archives

Current captain Abraham Human has had numerous experiences with strange sounds , shuffling in the kitchen and similar, but one event stuck with him the most.

One night, at around 1 a.m. he went to the restroom in the bay area.

“I heard a knock and I thought it was my guy saying that a call came in. I clearly heard him say [it]. I was out of that bathroom in 15 seconds and there was nobody around, the lights were off there was no call,” remembered Captain Human.

He said that in his first three months at the station he experienced various odd occurrences and was later told by other firemen it was “normal” for this station.

The station even has a monkey figurine hanging at the door in the living room and no one is allowed to touch it. The firemen believe it has been there for at least 10 year and none of them have touched it so far.

“I really dont think about flicking it while walking by,” joked the captain.

After hearing the stories I decided to, once again, get down inside of another creepy basement.

Once I got down to the basement with Captain Human we were welcomed with responses on our REM-pod.

This device created its own magnetic field and alarms you once the presumed spirit has come near it. The device will only go off if it has been touched.

I tried asking questions to determine whether it is the captain, D.P. Lowry or something else, but the responses were inconsistent.

The beeping of the REM-pod once confirmed that it was the captain and then it confirmed it was the monkey.

I can assume that the monkey might not be able to respond so it could be that it is both Captain Whirley and DP Lowry?

Despite not getting a clear answer about what might be haunting station 10, we couldn’t deny a presence of something.

At the end of the day, these stories are a part of El Paso Fire Department’s long history and something worth cherishing.

“I think it’s great that at this time of the year we can share these stories with the public and we are very proud to serve the El Paso community,” concluded Chief Hoggard.

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