EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Beto O’Rourke returned to the borderland Friday, holding a news conference stating his stance on Governor Greg Abbott’s inspection law.

O’Rourke criticized Governor Abbott for the added border inspections saying that it actually makes Texas less safe.

Since the start of the newly added inspections, thousands of DPS troopers have been called to several border towns across the state. O’Rourke claims that traffic tickets are being issued at a higher rate in border cities because of the new, larger police presence while leaving the rest of Texas in a more vulnerable state.

“It has left the rest of Texas a little bit less safe in fact we just had the deadliest year for highway fatalities in Texas since 1980 because all of these DPS troopers have been removed from highways in north Texas and east Texas and the panhandle and west Texas and deployed down to the border.”

If elected O’Rourke says he will deploy resources where they are needed and focus more on public safety.

Also, during Friday’s news conference, Beto stated in no uncertain terms that Greg Abbott decision to require extra inspections backed Mexican officials into a corner

“We do not deserve these political stunts we don’t deserve this abuse we don’t deserve these attacks from Greg Abbott.”

He shared the damaging effects that Abbotts’s inspections have caused, saying that while he may have benefitted from it, the state of Texas is the one who was hurt.

“We got rising inflation, because as fewer of these goods can get across these points of entry prices are starting to go up, we got supply chain issues which means it’s harder for us to get what we need from the grocery store or at best buy or at the factory floor from the Toyota plant in San Antonio.”

O’Rourke says we need to look beyond the long lines at the bridges and look more closely at the individuals who are affected the most.

“These farmers who have labored all season to grow these crops that are now rotting at the far Reynosa port of entry think about the truck drivers who have been stranded at the bridge for 4, 5, 10, 12 hours sometimes for days.”

The gubernatorial candidate relayed his opinion on Greg Abbotts meetings with the Mexican governors claiming that they are being blackmailed by the Texas governor to increase border security.

“These governors had no choice he literally put a gun to their head and effectively tried to shut down their state economies by shutting down our ports of entry like the one I’m standing next to here in El Paso.”

Beto O’Rourke also pledged to speak to the governors of the Mexican states to create a plan of action for future cooperation. 

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