EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Long lines and quick registration are two indicators to knowing what kind of demand there is for the COVID-19 vaccine in the area, but a national study has put a number to it.

About 83 percent of El Pasoans are likely to accept a COVID-19 vaccine if offered, according to a national study conducted by Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University’s Delphi Group.

Facebook said its “Data for Good” program is providing insight on the public’s attitude toward vaccinations to guide the distribution of it and to increase immunization rates.

Carnegie’s survey helped the social media platform capture more than 50 million responses to understand demand by geographic areas.

A news release on the imitative said that only 62 percent of Texans would choose to take the vaccine, based on responses from the study. And, 82 percent of residents in Doña Ana County would accept the vaccine.

Carnegie provided a map for readers to analyze other parts of the country.

Facebook says it is launching a worldwide campaign to promote accurate information about the COVID vaccine with insights on vaccine attitudes, helping people find locations to get vaccinated and funding vaccine information campaigns and removing misinformation on the platform.