EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Eight researchers from UTEP have been awarded $198,349 in numerous grants by NASA to continue the study of lunar exploration, including soils, robotics systems, mission simulations, and lunar resources that could support human life on the moon.

“These joint initiatives between UTEP and NASA strengthen UTEP’s reputation as a premier research institution,” said Stephen Aley, Ph.D., associate vice president of research and special projects with the Office of Institutional Advancement. “The work and research performed by our faculty will impact NASA’s future space exploration and beyond.”

From constructing infrastructure in other planets to providing robotic systems, field training and studying biological resources on the Moon, the investigators hope to continue providing expertise and assistance to NASA for lunar expeditions.

“It’s important to learn about what types of oxides, water and other types of resources may be available on the Moon,” said Carlos Cabrera Martinez, Ph.D., professor and chair of the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UTEP. “This can give you an idea of where you can get, for example, oxygen and other metals and water — and that’s important to know for people staying on the Moon for a long time.”

The list of researchers includes Reza Ashtiani, Ph.D., Darren Cone, Angel Flores-Abad, Ph.D., Joel Quintana, Ph.D., John Bird, Ph.D., Jose Hurtado, Ph.D., Carlos Cabrera Martinez, Ph.D., and Alejandro Metta, Ph.D.