EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Residents near Chuck Henrich Memorial Park in Northeast El Paso are concerned about the multiple coyote sightings happening in their area.

Some residents say they have seen coyotes come down while people are out with their pets and children at the park.

One woman sent a photo of her dog who was attacked by a coyote in her own backyard.

“I seen maybe two weeks ago I saw a pack of four, I was running at 6:00 in the morning,” Ricardo Adame said.

Neighbors took to the community app “Nextdoor” to caution others about the increased sightings.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife said its common to see coyotes and other wildlife in the areas near the desert since that is their native habitat. However they caution the public to avoid feeding the animals.

“They’re not a concern unless people are feeding them, a lot of people like to feed them because they like to see them but feeding any wild animal other than songbirds or quail just invites trouble.”

Texas Parks and Wildlife said they should not pose any danger to the community but encourages the public to keep small pets indoors at night, put away dog food and water overnight, secure garbage that may contain food waste, and avoid feeding coyotes or littering on the trails.